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Tim Keller Receiving “Encouraging” Reports in Cancer Battle

Prominent US pastor Tim Keller says he’s making progress in his fight against pancreatic cancer.

Chinese Churches Converted into “Cultural Hubs”

The cultural service centres promote socialist and nationalist thought, with authorities hoping this will deter people from Christianity.

Christian Radio Program Brings Hope After Trauma

A Christian radio program in Asia has been credited for helping to transform the life of a woman with a traumatic past.

Church Calls for More Financial Support for Struggling Families

New research in the UK is revealing the extent of the financial impact of COVID-19 on low-income families.

Places of Worship in Northern Ireland Under Attack

Statistics show religious that over the last five years, there has been an attack on a religious site every three days.

UK Churches Targeted in Gift Card Scam

Police in the UK say churches in the Diocese of York are being targeted by a gift card scam.

Pakistani Christian Teen Flees Husband After Alleged Forced Marriage

The 14-year-old says she was kidnapped and forced to convert from Islam and marry a Muslim man.

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