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A Sad Day for Taronga Zoo

A rare pygmy hippopotamus calf has died.

Pioneering Motorsport Chaplain Retiring From Praying With Fans

“Almost everyone at Mount Panorama stands up, takes off their cap and falls silent. It shows respect for God; for the moment; and for prayer.”

Tragedy In Tasmania. 6 Children Killed in Freak Accident

“Fell 10 metres to the ground after jumping castle was suddenly swept into the air by a gust of wind”.

ACL Urges People Of Faith To Respond To Survey On Religious Discrimination Bill

“It’s a very fervent, frenetic campaign to kick up as much dust as they can.”

Tributes For Acclaimed Christian Linguist Who Trained Missionaries

Praise for Cathy’s “ground-breaking work in developing connections that reflected her commitment to Christ”

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United Nations General Assembly Approves a Permanent Commission Of Inquiry Into Israel

“The UN has fallen to a new low and approved a budget for a despicable and biased commission that has no right to exist.”

What Pastors Say They Need Most To Run A Church

“One of their biggest worries is congregational apathy and lack of commitment.”

Church ‘Campaign Of Liberation’ Frees Families From Medical Debt

“Americans shouldn’t have to choose between medical debt and groceries.”

Australian Christians Returned To Church In 2021 According To Nationwide Survey

Follows 6% fall in attendance during covid crisis on 2020.

New Law Orders Ohio Abortion Clinics To Carry Out Proper Cremations Or Burials For Babies

“Poses a bigger threat to abortion industry than many bans, because it won’t be able to comply with the new regulations.”

US Secretary of Education Link To Labelling Of Parents As ‘Terrorists’

“Letter calls parents ‘angry mobs’ for raising concerns about schools promoting trans-activism, pedophilia, and critical race theory.”

Are Evangelicals Getting What They Want From Their Pastors?

Most churchgoers satisfied with length of sermons and amount of teaching.

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