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Tributes For Acclaimed Christian Linguist Who Trained Missionaries

Praise for Cathy’s “ground-breaking work in developing connections that reflected her commitment to Christ”

Loneliness Is Impacting our Health And Our Lifespan

“Lifespan, cognitive issues, heart issues and other physical ailments are impacted by loneliness.”

ADF Chaplain Says Spiritual Fitness And Moral Training Essential

More than 1,000 veterans and 200 serving personnel have taken their lives in the past 20 years.

Bush Pilot Takes The Gospel To NSW Outback

‘Flying Padre’ loves taking the church to where the outback people are.

Sydney Children’s Hospital Seeks Emergency Funding After Pandemic

“Let Parliament know you believe all children are made in the image of God, including children with disabilities and that you want to see Allowah funded”

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Florida’s Plan To ‘Protect Kids’

Proposed laws would prohibit discussing sexuality and gender in public school junior classrooms

Fired For Not Working Sundays

“US Civil Rights Act requires employers to reasonably accommodate an employee’s sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Heavenly Near-Death Experiences

“People find themselves struggling to explain something that is truly beyond our four dimensions of time and space.” 

China Eyes Christians’ Every Move

Officials track believers through cameras, facial recognition, digital footprints and other sophisticated surveillance technology.

Biblical Advice for US Politicians

“What God requires is that we do justice; that we love mercy; and that we walk humbly.”

Israel’s Apartheid Label a ‘Libel’

“Amnesty International echoes the lies of terrorists .. so-called facts are a delusion, disconnected from reality.”

Pro-Life Police Officer’s Payout

Officer suspended for 4 months for praying at a vigil outside an abortion clinic.

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