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Spiritual Hunger on the Rise in Australia: Research

A report from McCrindle Research has found Australians are spiritually hungry while also distrustful of the church.

Calls for “Month of Prayer” During England’s Second Lockdown

Senior church leaders in England are calling for clergy to treat the country’s second lockdown as a “month of prayer”.

Missionary Couple in Africa Minister Through Football, Sewing

Simon and Edah serve God in Africa and say that for some people, going to church is the last thing on their minds.

Churches Minister to War Zone Communities As Winter Approaches

Members of evangelical churches near the disputed mountainous enclave straddling Armenia and Azerbaijan are acting as frontline responders.

Christian Leaders Call for Greater Unity, Humility

Three high-profile American church leaders have called for Christians to focus less on popularity contests, and more on being united and humble.

Missionaries Reach Out After Pakistan Tragedy

Christian missionaries in Pakistan are reaching out to people in Peshawar in the wake of a fatal attack on a school

Political Turmoil Leaves Chinese People Misunderstood: Missionary

A missionary claims there is a warped view in the West of Chinese people, amid geopolitical turmoil between China and other countries.

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