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Starbucks Denies Sacking Christian Worker for Not Wearing Pride T-Shirt

Betsy Fresse has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Starbucks, but the coffeehouse chain is refuting her claims.

Challenges Remain for Missionaries in Papua

While most of Papua’s 3.3 million inhabitants identify as Christians, discipleship and Bible translation needs are high.

Christian Debt Relief Charity’s Plea to Senators

Christians Against Poverty has joined 124 other organisations, opposing the proposed termination of safe lending laws.

Christian Charity Teams Up With Supermarkets to Support Hurricane Victims

Relief items are being collected to help Central American families devastated by successive category four hurricanes.

Ancient Building Could Be Childhood Home of Jesus: Archaeologist

An associate professor of archaeology says a stone and mortar building under a convent in Nazareth may have been Christ’s boyhood home.

Terror Attack on Salvation Army Church in Indonesia

The Salvation Army’s service post in Central Sulawesi was attacked last week, and six houses belonging to church members were burned down.

Australian Jews Show Solidarity With Persecuted Uyghurs

The Australian Jewish Association says Jews have a moral obligation to expose the persecution of Uyghur people in China.

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