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Brexit, Turkey, Israel and the Last Days

Join Kameel Majdali for Biblical insights into current events during his Understand the Times regional tour of Australia. Be like the “sons of Issachar” who understood the times and knew what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32). Be informed on what’s happening with Israel, Turkey, Iran, mass migrations to Europe and the rise of populist politicians …Read More

Thank you for Being part of a Move of God!

Throughout Visionathon hundreds of people shared of how God is moving in their life. And each story shared and all the stories to come, are only possible because wonderful people like you responded generously. You (along with 1866 others) donated $602,925 (to date) over the 4 days of Visionathon…

We Need To Pray And Act

Dear friends and readers, We know from Scripture and from history that, whenever people earnestly seek God in prayer and put their faith into action, He moves. Today we’re seeing pockets of revival in Africa and America—with the recent Greg Laurie crusade in LA. People coming together in repentance and prayer, and seeing God move. …Read More

The Importance of God’s Word in the Life of the Believer

Pastor Greg Laurie from the radio programme ‘A New Beginning’ Pastor Greg Laurie from the radio programme ‘A New Beginning’ I heard a story about a father talking to his daughter and her 5 year old friend, Christen, about birthdays. They discovered that he and Christen had birthdays very close together. He said to her, …Read More

Thirty years for answered prayer

Imagine waiting 30 years for your prayers to be answered! For many of us, patience is not our best quality. Our ‘on demand’ culture expects God to act, and in the next thirty seconds! But doing great things for God rarely happens that quickly. Jesus waited 30 years before beginning His ministry on earth. Abraham …Read More

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