Recent Happenings

Recent Happenings

Catch up with the latest news from behind the scenes at Vision Christian Media, and hear about some of the amazing Christians we meet as part of our work.

James Webb Telescope Images Stun the World

Have you taken time to enjoy some of the recent photos taken by the James Webb Space Telescope? It’s been described as the most ambitious deep space viewing tool ever assembled. It’s provided the clearest images of deep space ever, revealing countless galaxies and inspiring awe at the vastness of the cosmos. Christians wonder at …Read More

Christian Perspective on James Webb Telescope Launch

Christians know that God created heaven and earth, and even the most recent scientific discoveries are consistent with Biblical accounts.

Swimming Bans Transgender Women

World swimming’s governing body FEMA has essentially banned transgender athletes from competing in women’s events. It’s a victory not just for Christians but for women’s sports in general.

Your Money and the Federal Election

There is far more at stake in a federal election than just monetary policy. However, the Coalition has responded with a policy to address the needs of first-time home purchasers and retirees alike.

75 Days into the Ukraine Conflict

While Russia’s indiscriminate bombardment continues in Ukraine, Christian Ministries are doing all they can to care for the Ukrainian people.