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Catch up with the latest news from behind the scenes at Vision Christian Media, and hear about some of the amazing Christians we meet as part of our work.

Your Money and the Federal Election

There is far more at stake in a federal election than just monetary policy. However, the Coalition has responded with a policy to address the needs of first-time home purchasers and retirees alike.

75 Days into the Ukraine Conflict

While Russia’s indiscriminate bombardment continues in Ukraine, Christian Ministries are doing all they can to care for the Ukrainian people.

Home Loans and Rate Hike Pain: “It Will Rise For Some Time”

While many Australians are likely to experience the effects of rising interest rates, many will profit. Those with investment accounts and those saving for a down payment on their first property are included.

Celebrating National Families Week

Our neighbourhoods are built on the strength of our families, and having a mother and father who are actively involved in their children’s lives is supported by both secular and Christian research.

Political Agenda Update – ACL

With the country focused on the upcoming federal election, the ACL has been highlighting MP’s who crossed the floor on the Religious Discrimination Bill. ACL wants people to vote for individuals, not party lines. 

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