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Bid To Reinstate Exemptions For Christians From Working On Sundays

by | Wed, Jan 25 2023

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The US Supreme Court will decide this year whether Christians have the right to be excused from working on Sundays.

A former US postal service worker has sought a ruling from America’s highest court.

Evangelical Christian Gerald Groff was forced to resign after his religious exemption of seven years was revoked.

The Court of Appeals ruled that continuing the exemption would have placed an undue hardship on the postal service by forcing co-workers to take on more shifts.

Lawyers for Mr. Groff are urging the Supreme Court to overturn its own 45-year-old decision that employers do not have to grant religious accommodations for Sunday work.

They argued no American should be forced to choose between their religion and their job.

Reuters reports that at least three Supreme Court justices are keen to revisit the court’s original ruling.