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Signs Of Revival Spreading Across US

by | Thu, Mar 9 2023

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The Asbury University on-campus ‘revival’ may have ended, but its ripple effect is spreading across the US from the Atlantic Coast to Hawaii.

At least 20 other Christian universities plus churches, schools and even secular colleges have been experiencing spontaneous worship.

A faith rally at an arena in the nearby city of Lexington attracted thousands and lasted for nine hours.

Students from Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky worshipped on the streets after being ordered off their campus.

Others at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green have been praying together and sharing their testimonies.

Across the state boundary, Ohio State University has been hosting regular worship gatherings.

Beside the Gulf Of Mexico students report witnessing the Holy Spirit moving on the secular campus of A&M University in Corpus Christi, Texas.

They say they’ve seen many salvations, baptisms and healings in recent months, starting well before the Asbury  ‘awakening.’

At one gathering students prayed for revival on their campus and across America in an event lasting five hours.

Similar gatherings have been reported at high schools in the Corpus Christi area.

Big crowds have turned out to a church-related youth rally in Portland, Oregon and at a church service in Washington DC.

Church services were extended at a young adults meeting on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii with salvations and commitments to “surrender and pursue personal revival.”

Christian colleges are continuing to experience ‘revival’ events also described as ‘awakenings’, ‘outpourings’ and ‘renewals.’

Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee and Regent University in Virginia Beach are reporting gatherings lasting up to six-hours.

As well as prayer and worship, there are baptisms, testimonies, teaching, prophesying, repentance and spiritual renewal.

What could be the biggest event of all is planned for the University of Oklahoma at the end of April.

Minneapolis-based evangelist Nick Hall reported that his Pulse ministry has booked the 86,000-seat football stadium “for the largest student-led outreach I have ever heard of.”

Mr. Hall reminded his followers that God is faithful:  “If He can use this broke and broken kid from North Dakota, with no connections, He can use you!!! He’s moving today. Revival is in the air. Put up your sails and let Him take you.”