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Hope During Christmas

by | Fri, Dec 11 2020

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For King & Country
Robbo and Becci with Luke and Joel Smallbone.

As Christmas draws closer, we are able to reflect on the unique and challenging year that has passed. During such a challenging time, however, we have seen God work in incredible ways to encourage, inspire, and teach us.

Robbo and Becci spoke with Luke Smallbone of the popular Christian band, For King and Country, to discuss how Covid-19 has affected their music and influenced his perspective on Christmas.

“2020 is the most unique year…and has probably been one of the most challenging things we’ve ever encountered…for the most part, the entire music industry was shut down.” Luke reflected, “For us to say that we’re busy [now] is actually a miracle.”

Despite the worry and concern that the pandemic caused, Luke reminded listeners that there can be positives in every difficult situation, “I think that anytime anything’s shut down, or you’re at a crossroads, there’s an opportunity for innovation…there was doom and gloom, and we asked ourselves, ‘what’s the opportunity here?'”

“On the spiritual side, 2020 is the same – it’s an opportunity. It’s a time where we can be honest about what it means to follow Jesus…this is a moment for us to display what we preach. If we’re all freaking out and crumbling under the pressure, what does that have to say about our faith and love in Jesus?” Luke shared with listeners.

Luke reminded listeners that we can find encouragement when we consider the birth of Jesus Christ, who came into the world in less-than-ideal circumstances. “Christmas is right around the corner, when [we’re reminded] that the Hope of The World was born…there’s something to be said about that.”

We can be hopeful again. We’ve overcome a really difficult year.

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