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Social Media is a great way to keep up to date with what’s happening with Vision Christian Media. You’ll often find links to new articles here on the main website, tweets about our latest news stories, or pictures on Instagram from behind the scenes on all the different aspects of our ministry.


Facebook is a great tool for two-way communication – it was once described as being like an ‘online community centre’ where you can get to meet all your friends and family wherever they are in the world. Keep up with our Facebook feeds from here:


Vision Christian Radio Facebook page

Vision Christian Tours Facebook page

Vision Christian Media Facebook page

Vision Christian Prayer Facebook page

Vision Christian Store Facebook page

The Word For Today Facebook page

Vision 180 Facebook page


Twitter_Logo_Hd_Png_03Twitter enables us to send out short ‘tweets’ which can alert you to things happening – that could be a breaking news story, or something happening in one of our radio programmes. And of course, you can tweet us – maybe a comment on a programme item, or a question about one of our ministries too. Our Twitter handle is



instagram-logoInstagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service – and if you want to see the latest pictures from behind the scenes at Vision, you can see Vision‘s Instagram feed by following @visionradio; and you can see Vision180‘s Instagram feed by following @vision180au

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