Helping People Look to God Daily Across Tasmania

Tasmania is truly an island state. It consists of the main island plus than 334 surrounding islands! Nearly half of the state lies in reserves, national parks and World Heritage sites, so it’s not surprising the main industries include agriculture, forestry and tourism. Over 50 relay stations broadcast Vision in Tasmania, including in the main centres of Hobart, Launceston and Devonport.

TAS Vision Frequencies

Bicheno – 88FM

Binalong Bay – 87.8FM

Bridport – 88FM

Burnie – 87.6FM

Campbell Town – 88FM

Claremont – 87.8FM

Deloraine – 87.6FM

Devonport – 87.6FM

Dodges Ferry – 87.8FM

Fingal – 88FM

Gagebrook – 88FM

Geeveston – 88FM

Hamilton – 88FM

Hobart – 88FM

Huonville – 88FM

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