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Dear Vision Family,

The Ministry regretfully advises our Vision Store shop online service has closed.

Initially, the store started over 20 years ago to provide books and videos of our on-air radio guests and presenters for those who were interested to hear or read more.

Over the years, there has been a significant decline in the demand for hard copy products due to the introduction of eBooks and online services that allow much of the content we sell to be watched on demand, streamed or downloaded on smart TVs, personal computers and mobile devices.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we have felt led to adapt to the hard realities of this market change and cease selling physical books and DVDs, and transition to a dedicated digital ‘on-demand’ style of service.

We appreciate that this news is quite an emotional realisation for some, but we feel it is important for our media ministry to adapt to the times to remain relevant and compelling in a changing marketplace.

Going forward, we still plan to provide an array of content options and quality messages, but the way you access them will be different. Accessing and viewing online will be easier, faster, cheaper and freely available when you want it.

For our Superbook followers you will be pleased to know the popular and much-loved Superbook series is still and will remain available online.

For those who prefer receiving hardcover books and DVDs

We are pleased to announce a special partnership arrangement with Koorong Books for all Vision customers and followers, with a special 15% discount when you purchase online only (not in store).

To receive your exclusive Vision-Koorong online discount, be updated when our new look on-demand and streaming service is launched, or request Australia’s most widely read daily devotion The Word for Today in Email edition, please complete the form below and select your preferences.

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