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Now citywide and crystal clear across greater Sydney!

Listen on DAB+, FM, AM or Online



Enjoy listening throughout the greater Sydney area 

  • Superior sound quality
  • Interference free
  • Inexpensive receivers widely available
  • Standard in most new cars

Refresh Your Faith Journey with Vision Christian Radio in Sydney

Vision Christian Radio is Australia’s fastest-growing and largest national Christian radio network, with over 800 radio stations around Australia.

Since 1988, Vision’s ministry has been to spread God’s Word through media to every corner of Australia and be available to whoever wants it.

Vision is available 24/7 to strengthen your faith and Bible knowledge, keep you company and give you a spiritual boost when you’re feeling weathered.

Available on DAB+, FM, AM & the Vision App!

DAB+ Digital Radio is now available in Sydney (as well as Melbourne and Brisbane),  on FM, AM, the Vision App, and online. 

Tune in to DAB+ Digital Radio for crystal clear superior sound quality and enjoy a wholesome mix of uplifting Christian music, enlightening discussions, Biblical teachings, and inspiring stories of faith that restore, transform, and encourage those struggling with life’s challenges. 

Make Vision Christian Radio Your Spiritual Companion in Sydney

Tune into Vision Christian Radio on FM and AM stations across the country. Step into a new era of digital broadcasting with DAB+ and Vision Christian Radio – where your spiritual journey is enhanced and celebrated.

Digital is better coverage

It has been a blessing to have low-powered FM stations and AM stations across Sydney —but they are not ideal, with each FM station having a reach of only around 5km, resulting in very patchy signal coverage, multiple frequencies and large gaps, and AM will be discontinued in the future.

  • DAB+ Coverage
  • Various FM Frequencies (approx coverage)
  • Various FM Frequencies

Map shows coverage of Vision’s current FM/AM stations vs. DAB+ digital radio coverage

(note: this diagram does not allow for topography which will impact reception for some areas)

List of low-powered FM/AM frequencies in the greater Sydney and other regional areas