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Do you love The Word for Today? Please share it with others!

Sharing The Word for Today is a powerful way you can help your friends and family. If you’ve been using it in your daily devotions, you’ll know for yourself how effective it is in connecting us to the Word of God each day. An easy and unintrusive way to evangelise is to tell others how The Word for Today is impacting your life.

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Invite Others

If you know anyone who you think may benefit from the encouragement gained by reading The Word for Today, fill in the form below and we’ll send them an email on your behalf inviting them to subscribe.

Inviting someone to subscribe to The Word for Today is a simple and effective way to evangelise or offer encouragement in their daily walk with God.

Many people tell us how much God is impacting their lives through reading The Word for Today daily devotional. Not only is it helping them look to God daily, The Word for Today has helped people get through some of the toughest times in their lives.

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Share at your Church

Share the benefits of The Word for Today with your church members who may want to subscribe to get their own copy either in print form or via email. Or, you can order bulk copies for your congregation to give out as an evangelising tool.

The Word for Today is also an excellent and popular Bible Study tool, especially for new Christians. It’s easy to read and includes the SoulFood Bible reading plan to help you read your Bible in a year. Many prison chaplains report a high demand for The Word for Today from prisoners. The benefits of reaching people from all walks of life are massive.

Subscribing is as simple as filling out the online form on this page on behalf of an individual or your congregation. Copies are provided free of charge to ensure nobody misses out on this valuable ministry. Production costs are covered by supporter donations. If you or your church would like to invest in this ministry, a donation to cover the printing and postage costs would be most welcome. Click here to donate.

If you’d like to find out more about bulk orders, fill out the contact form here, and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

There’s also a form that you can print out for people to sign themselves up to receive their own copies. You can download that here.

Share on Your Website

If you love The Word for Today and would like to include a daily snippet and link to this valuable ministry tool on your website, simply embed the code below. The link will direct people to The Word for Today daily devotional like this.

The Word for Today is a powerful way to evangelise without being intrusive. Let the power of God’s Word do the work for Him.

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Share on Social Media

Many of Vision’s supporters write to us to let us know how much The Word for Today is impacting their lives. Together with the power of social media, The Word for Today can be easily shared with the click of a button.

Join us on our Facebook page, and inspire others by sharing each daily devotional on your own page or timeline. Let’s aim to have The Word for Today go viral!

Share in your community

If you have a heart to reach your community with the good news of the hope Jesus brings, then becoming a Vision Ambassador is a great way to do it!

Vision Ambassadors have a simple role: to spot opportunities to introduce people to Vision’s ministry, including The Word for Today.

Some ideas include:

  • Letterbox drop a town or suburb (often combined with a local ‘prayer walk’)
  • Run a stand at a local show — we can help with banners, bulk copies of The Word for Today, and hand-outs
  • Find places for local road signs — we can provide an all-weather banner
  • Make announcements in church
  • Share Vision content on your social media

Join us in standing together for the Gospel! Click here to read through our core beliefs and then tell us a bit more about yourself.