Prayers answered

I want to thank everyone who prayed for us at Vision Christian Prayer. Just yesterday we received an answer which was nothing short of miraculous. After requesting prayer, I was led to put a proposal to the company which would mean that my department would have employment. Once or twice while I was working on …Read More

Help through prison ordeal

I would like to thank you for sending me The Word for Today for the last four years while in prison. I had to do a lot of soul searching, and having the Word to fall back on at times really helped me get through my seven year sentence. I get out in three weeks …Read More

Thankful for challenging readings

I am so thankful for the simple yet deep and challenging daily readings and insights in The Word For Today, not just for myself, but for my son who has committed himself to reading The Word for Today each morning. He has lately been excited to share his faith with workmates who are keen to …Read More

Help in difficult times

Just want to say thank you…I listen to Vision Radio at work all day and find it very encouraging. My wife has been sick for a long time and everyday from 6 am she tunes into Vision on her phone and listens on and off all day. She has found it encouraging and very informative. …Read More

It’s my church

I’m 91 years old, partially blind and can’t go to church. Three years ago I was very disheartened when I could no longer go to church after 70 years. Vision Radio has taken the place of church for me. Frances


I just wanted to tell you how greatly you’ve influenced my life through your work. Everything you do is amazing and I love being a part of your Prayer Watchmen team. Thank you for going to such great lengths to spread the Word of God, it truly does help a lot of people. I hope …Read More

Questions – ask

My background is Assyrian from Iraq. I stopped believing in God because of questions I had. One day someone told me if you ask God every day for a month He will show you Himself. Some days I forgot but on the last day, I asked with all my heart and God showed me. So, …Read More

Love Vision

We just love Vision and what it stands for. I love The Word for Today for its focus on God, the Word and the way it encourages time of reflection — God speaks to me through the story and Scripture reference. I often catch Morning Café as I listen on my way to work and …Read More

THANK YOU – all glory to God

Hi, just wanted to send a massive THANK YOU for your generosity towards our Bible college outreach project, with the donation of 100 copies of The Word for Today. They were greatly received and the day was a great success, we had hundreds of opportunities to bless in prayer & deed, the local & the …Read More


Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing! We are always pleased to be part of the team and wish you all our Heavenly Father’s richest blessings for the continuation of His mighty work. Bill

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