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Faithful Submission Leads to a Prison Sentence

by | Wed, Jun 14 2023

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John from St Mary’s in Sydney shared his inspirational story of faithful submission that led to a prison sentence and ultimate restoration by looking to God daily.

‘In 2010, I walked into a police station and asked them to arrest me. Long story for another time. I finally came out again after serving 6 ½ years. My life possessions at aged 56 then fitted into a laundry basket.

Vision has been a major part of rebuilding my life as I try to reassimilate back into the community. Some days are tough. Really tough. As a truck driver, I am so blessed to be able to listen all day, every day. Some days I laugh till it hurts, other days I have pulled over to the side of the road in tears.

When I left prison, I knew I had to be smart with my finances. I decided to become a monthly giver to Vision, and always contribute to the Visionathons. Giving to Vision allows me to support God’s Kingdom, while at the same time, it is compulsory saving. Once a year the government gives me back some. Not all of it, but it’s like killing 2 birds with every dollar I earn.

Some people share how God loves them with a testimony of how He healed them from a terminal illness, others tell how they receive a car. I love those stories. They encourage me so much. My story is different. I share how God loves me so much, that He allowed me to destroy my marriage all by myself, and then that caused my children to disown me. My father even cut me from his will. To cap it off, God threw me in prison for 6 ½ years. When you have nothing left except the Holy Spirit, that’s when you realise, He is all you ever needed.

Yet today He has restored so much. Last year, I even walked my daughter down the aisle. Too many blessings to mention. I often tell God that He should not associate with criminals like me. It will ruin His reputation. He always replies, “You are just as bad as the people I asked to write my Word.”

I want to encourage listeners to dig deep to reach the $2m goal using my testimony.’

Stories like John’s are evidence of the fruit harvested when you sow seed in God’s ministry. Will you sow some seed into God’s Kingdom by donating to Visionathon so we can continue to help people look to God daily? Without your support, Vision would not exist.

We hand over our money for all sorts of things every day without giving it a second thought. It might be to buy a cup of coffee, put petrol in the car, or go out for lunch.

donation to Vision is far more than just a transaction. It’s an investment in helping people focus on God’s Word. Something that will change their life and last for all eternity.

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