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Giving God The Glory For Survival Of World’s Most Premature Twins

by | Sun, Mar 12 2023

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The Christian parents of the world’s most premature twins have given all the glory to God for their ‘miracle’ survival.

Daughter Adiah and son Adrial were born in Canada a year ago at exactly 22 weeks gestation.

Adiah weighed just 330 grams and Adrial 420 grams.

They were smaller than the palm of an adult hand.

Just before mother Shakina Rajendram went into early labour she was told her babies would not be viable and would be denied all life-sustaining measures and left to die.

She and husband Kevin Nadarajah were put in contact with an organisation called TwentyTwo Matters which supports parents of ‘micro-premmie’ babies born at 26 weeks or earlier.

They said TwentyTwo Matters was a “God send.”

It helped them move the babies to Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital which is one of the few in North America with a specialist resuscitation and care unit for ‘micro-premmies’.

The twins underwent emergency surgery to help save their lives, but the medical team gave them only a speck of hope of survival.

Their parents were told that all they could do was comfort their tiny son and daughter until their passing.

But Kevin and Shakina never stopped praying for their babies. Nor did their family and friends and Christians around the world.

Shakina said the babies came close to death so many times, ” but as people prayed, things would miraculously change.”

Premier Christian News reports that after six months in hospital, the twins were strong enough to go home.

A year after their birth, Kevin and Shakina have taken to social media to praise the Lord.

They wrote: “We give God all the glory for the miracle He has performed in sustaining both Adiah and Adrial.”

Guinness World Records has officially certified Adiah and Adrial as the most premature twins to survive.

It also noted: “Shakina and Kevin are devout Christians, and they believe that the power of prayer – from friends, family, and even strangers worldwide – helped save the twins’ lives.”