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God Rescued Megan Not Once, But Twice

by | Wed, May 29 2019

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God saved Megan twice

When you’re in a crisis and you’re really fearful, just call out to God.  Thank Jesus, because He can do anything.

God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives, and He definitely has a plan for Megan, from Tasmania.  God saved her life - not once, but twice.

Megan has struggled with drug addiction for over 20 years and it’s only been in the past year since really committing to live for Christ that she has been set free from the bonds of addiction.

“I’d been medicating myself and who I was for most of my adult life,” Megan shared with Mandy and Neil during Visionathon.  “In the last just over 12 months God took that away from me.  And it’s been one awesome journey since then.”

Megan shared how Vision helped her grow in her new Christian faith on a daily basis.

“I started listening to Vision about 12 months ago when God took my addictions away from me.  My friend in Christ introduced me to the Vision app.  I read The Word for Today every day and it introduced me to Vision radio.”

This wasn’t the first time that God had saved Megan’s life.  She was caught in the flood water of the 2016 Tasmania floods, fearing for her life with no way to escape, she found herself calling out to God.

Car trapped in flood waters

“This is probably a big massive miracle,” Megan began.  “We were in the water in the car in June 2016 and there was no way out.  We’d packed up the car as quick as we could.  My 3-month-old baby MJ and my then partner Michael were in the car and there was water absolutely everywhere.”

“We’d done everything humanly we could.  The car was starting to drift off the road and into water.  I’d rang the Police – we’d done everything we could do.  My whole life I’d loved God and I’ve only just been walking in the Christian faith fully since I gave up drugs and God took [my addiction] away.   But in that moment, I did something that was pretty out of the normal for me.  We started to drift in the water and in that moment I just started praising God.”

“I went ‘I thank you God. I praise you Jesus.’  And there was a barbed wire fence and the car stopped.  It was amazing, it was an absolute miracle.  He gave strength to my then partner, MJ’s dad, to get us out of that water and get to an abandoned car that we had driven past.”

“And then God put something else in place.  There was a Police officer called Pete Davidson who came and rescued us from that car.”

“I can’t explain to people what God has done for me.  I have grateful tears every day.”

Megan continued to share how much Vision has had an impact in strengthening and nurturing her new faith on a daily basis.

“I get the Word everyday and there’s been times where I’ve asked you guys for prayer in private.  I know that you have [prayed].  It’s been such a big part of my life now.”

Your donation to Visionathon ensures that people like Megan can connect with God’s Word to nurture their faith on a daily basis and have access to Vision’s prayer line to pray confidentially fellow believers.

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Visionathon Will you stand with us?
Visionathon Will you stand with us?