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God Told NSW Farmer to Sow $36,000 of Seed in Drought – Locals Thought He Was Foolish

by | Tue, May 28 2019

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Planting seed in drought

When God gives us a dream or vision, we are often the first to doubt ourselves believing that what God has placed on our heart is too big of a dream to accomplish.  When it comes from God, nothing is too big, or too crazy for Him.

Jarrod Amery is a fifth-generation farmer from Central West NSW, an area that has been ravaged by drought.  No one in the local area is planting seeds into the dry soil, but Jarrod had a dream from God to plant $36,000 worth of canola seeds.  At a time when in the natural his actions seemed crazy, God was about to do a miracle.

“I had this dream but the catch is it was just a normal dream,” Jarrod shared with Robbo and Becci on Vision Christian Radio’s Rise & Shine program.  “I am not any ‘you beaut super spiro kind of person’.  I’m just an everyday kind of Christian person that runs a farm, someone who just loves God and wants to do great things for God’s Kingdom.”

“I just had a dream like you would have any other night, and I woke up in the morning and thought to myself ‘wow, that was so cool’.  Pity that wasn’t for real.”

“Because [the land] was as dry as chips, you know.  No rain for ages, and I could just see in the dream exactly where I was standing, what paddock I was in, what part of the farm I was in.  I could see these rows, these green rows of fresh green canola plants growing.  I could see that there was none anywhere else around me, in my dream.”

Canola field farmer

“So I thought, ‘wow that’s so cool’.  The next day I told my wife Emma, and I told my father, because at the start I discounted it as an everyday dream.  I sort of got thinking about it and telling my wife and we both felt that this was a God thing.”

I remember telling God, I don’t want to be an ordinary farmer, I want to be an extraordinary farmer.

This dream from God required a significant step of faith from Jarrod to sow these canola seeds into that particular dry dusty paddock.   “It wasn’t like the seed was for free either.  It cost $36,000 for the seed.  I got advice from some people when I was thinking about doing it, and the first person I spoke to said ‘don’t do it’.”

“Then I thought, am I going to do what people say or am I going to step out on a limb and just trust God.  I told God that I was going to trust in Him, that this was His dream.  If this doesn’t work, it’s going to turn out really bad.”

It took them quite some time to sow the seed into the thousand acre paddock, and when they finished sowing “the rains came”.

It rained and rained, and we had this beautiful rain.  God is so good.

Canola Field

“Emma and I, after church on a lot of Sundays we drive by that paddock and we stand in that paddock in amongst the miracle and we are just in amazement.”

“We had this beautiful rain at the end of March and it hasn’t rained since,” Jarrod shares about the regret he would have felt if he didn’t follow God’s prompting.  Jarrod’s financial advisors have since told him that if he hadn’t had this crop of canola, they would have been in a really bad place.

Listen to Jarrod's full chat with Robbo and Becci below...

Jarrod also shared that during the time of drought, he was the recipient of one of Vision’s special drought editions of The Word for Today – Words of Life in the Hard Times.  This edition was made possible by another Australian farmer who wanted to sow spiritual seeds into the lives of over 100,000 properties across drought-affected regions.

“It’s the coolest book ever.  You’re supposed to get through it in 90 days, but it takes me about 180.  It is so, so good.   It’s a really really good little book because it’s got all farming stuff in it too.  It’s got tractors, it’s got people sitting in the outback cattle yards.  It’s just for farmers this one.  I love it, I just love it – I just read it about half an hour ago.”

Farmers like Jarrod know what it means to sow seeds of faith.  It is God who makes seeds grow, but it is us who must take action and sow the seed.

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