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Vision Radio the ‘Match-maker’ with Julie from Hobart

by | Thu, Nov 17 2016

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Vision extra-mile supporter Julie from Hobart has shared her testimony of God’s presence during a time of great need.

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“I knew He was with me but I also had Vision radio. My husband had terminal cancer. But just before he passed away my daughter set me up with Vision through a computer and that was a great comfort to me,” Julie shared before delivering a bombshell. More on that in a moment.

But Julie, who’s also a monthly supporter, told Robbo and Becci from the Rise & Shine radio program that she’s a committed regular donor. Julie said it was so wonderful for Australia to have a Christian radio station broadcasting across the nation.

It was Becci who asked Julie why she became a Vision extra mile partner.

“It was something that God was doing and I felt that it was something I could contribute to that was important to the nation. And it’s proving to be so because Vision is spreading God’s Word and more and more people are getting to know God,” Julie said before adding that it’s essential particularly in this time of uncertainty.

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Robbo revealed a part of Julie’s history, informing listeners that Julie had experienced the loss and grief of having lost her husband to cancer. Julie said she knew that the Lord was with her through those dark days.

It was then that Julie spoke about her daughter providing access to listen to Vision radio. And then she shared about another major event that has occurred that possibly Vision radio should take some responsibility for.

“I was listening to Vision night and day and that led me to meet another Christian man and I’m now married again!” Julie declared.

And just for second there was silence in the Vision studio. Perhaps Robbo and Becci were momentarily stunned. Perhaps they thought Vision might have a match-making ministry. The Rise and Shine pair was speechless. Was Vision radio responsible for connecting Julie up with another man as she implied? Should we talk our way out of this or shall we celebrate Julie’s renewed matrimonial status? They chose the latter.

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Robbo and Becci erupted, extolling gleeful sounds of bubbly, joyful acclamation, the studio an overflowing font of celebration for Julie’s great news. The Lord had used Vision radio to provide Julie with another Godly man!

“Congratulations! That’s awesome!” Exclaimed Becci and Robbo as Julie steamrolled over the top of them to unload further information about the development.

“It’s been quite a journey and I’m sure Vision gave me the courage and the joy to continue on in life,” Julie shared.

Julie also agreed that the program content on Vision had encouraged her and brought renewed hope to her life after a period of grief and loss.