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Nigel’s Faith Journey Sealed with Baptism

by | Fri, Dec 16 2022

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Nigel caused a stir at Vision when he phoned in during Robbo & Becci’s Rise & Shine show to ask about getting baptised. God has laid it on his heart to get baptised as the next part of his faith journey. He was super keen to find someone to baptise him by full emersion to show his commitment to his faith in Jesus. The call-out resulted in an offer to baptise Nigel exactly the way he envisioned, in a creek surrounded by God’s beautiful creation. Nigel got to the creek an hour early to pray and open his heart to the Lord before being baptised.

‘I’m very excited,’ said Nigel. ‘I’m bouncing around like a kid.’

Nigel told Robbo & Becci that his highlight for the year was Vision’s discipleship, which has helped him strengthen his faith. He said Vision’s resources are a tremendous help to him in his daily walk with God.

‘The Bible teaching by the pastors is gold. It’s a resource that can’t be replaced and has been so helpful in joining the dots on things I couldn’t understand before. The penny just dropped for me. Your resources have brought me so close to God,’ said Nigel.

From Pagan Rituals to Faith in Jesus

Before opening his heart to God, Nigel practised pagan and spiritual rituals. He thought he was on top of the world until something terrible happened to him. He had been brought to the Lord years ago and then drifted away, so at the time he was going through the bad stuff, he threw his Bible away because the bad stuff wasn’t going away.

‘I now know where that bad stuff was coming from,’ said Nigel. ‘Then, one morning, I’d had enough, and then God spoke to me as I lay in bed. He just said, “Look for me,” and I got up and guess what I found? Vision! I haven’t looked back since.’

That was three years ago, and since then, he got a new Bible and started seriously studying the Bible. He is grateful for the company of Vision being there to guide him with resources that helped him on his journey back to knowing God.

‘When you study the Bible, all doubts go away. I love the book of Daniel,’ said Nigel. ‘I know that Jesus was always there, drawing me closer. I had a hard heart, and that’s what stops you from getting close to Jesus. There’s no turning back for me now.’

Amazing stories like Nigel’s bring a smile to everyone’s face at Vision. We would love to hear your story of how Vision has impacted your life.

Nigel’s Faith Journey Sealed with Baptism

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