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Finding Hope to Hold On

by | Thu, Dec 9 2021

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There is always Hope
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When Cheryl felt all hope was lost and saw no way to continue, Jesus brought the Vision family along to help her hang on.

“My brother introduced me to Vision many years ago when he found you guys during his divorce.

I’ve been calling you for prayer and listening to you daily as a source of encouragement and hope in Jesus. I have suffered abuse from my husband who has been sick and in a wheelchair for a long time.”

It has not been an easy journey, and there were times when Cheryl wanted to throw in the towel.  How do you endure 17 years of abuse? On our own, this is something that is nearly impossible. But God used Vision to help bring hope and truth to her situation.

“The music, the constant words of truth from God, all of the sermons, all of the tools you provide for help, and constantly pointing me to God has kept me alive!”

Praise God, after 17 years of praying, Cheryl has found freedom from the abusive relationship she was in and is now in a safe environment.  This has not been without challenges.

“God has answered all of the prayers Vision made on my behalf, helping me to walk away in God’s love without wanting revenge and without hating my husband.  I’m so thankful to be free and safe but not alone. I had to turn my life upside down to get out, leaving all of my friends at church behind and my furry babies. It’s really hard to start again but my Vision family is still here and you are just such a blessing.”

Cheryl’s story is an encouragement to us at Vision and we hope it is for you too.  And if you are struggling we are here for you! As Cheryl went on to share, whatever you are going through, Vision has something to help you and your loved ones hear God’s truth, experience He love and find hope for a future.

“The music you play and The Word for Today is so on point every day for what I am going through.  I love a good laugh and Vision has helped me with that too. Laughing while listening to you all — Becci and Robbo in the morning and Matt Prater with his silly dad jokes.

The sermons from all the amazing pastors are perfect for the days that I am so low I find it hard to read the Word. Listening to all the beautiful Scripture and messages on the radio is beautiful and perfect. I can’t thank you all enough for being the Godly family that I have needed to get through one of the biggest challenges of my life.

Praise God for your steady faith in Him and most of all for ensuring all the content is God-breathed. I know everything on Vision Radio is worth listening to. I never feel like I need to turn it off as you are so careful to talk without cursing, and not putting songs or information that isn’t praising God or pointing to His truth. The music even carries the Word and this is just so uplifting.

I pray for all of you to stay true to the Word in a society that is constantly trying to pull us away from the Word. So thank you. I just feel so blessed in the daily gifts God is providing through Vision Christian Radio.”

Thank you Cheryl for sharing your story with us.

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