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Suicide rates drop in remote Western Australia as God’s Word transforms lives through Vision

by | Wed, Nov 16 2016

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“It was just gut-wrenching, it was horrendous.”

But after Vision radio went to air in this region, the suicides stopped. More on this amazing story in a moment.

“I believe that’s what happened! I believe the Word got into those people and their lives were transformed!”

A young lady called Lisa made these statements when she called Vision to rally support for Visionathon.

Lisa, who’s from Logan in Queensland, told listeners that she loves Vision radio and described it as a foil to all the compromising that’s going on in society today.

One of the compromises Lisa raised was the attack against freedom of speech. The political correctness progressives pushing this barrow are opposed to anyone speaking their minds about matters other than what they approve of.


“The compromise over what you can say and what you can’t say and the people pleasing. Whereas Vision is completely unashamed of the Gospel,” Lisa said, before passing on information that plenty of people she knows are listening to it.

Lisa also recalled an interview on Vision radio about a remote town plagued by  multiple suicides.

“It was just gut-wrenching, it was horrendous,” Lisa said. “And then they finally received Vision radio into that area and I believe that there were no more suicides.”

Lisa was referring to an interview that went to air on Vision’s 20Twenty program in September. An editorial of the interview was also published on Vision Media’s website.

It was the story about the Chariots of Fire ministry. These modern day chariots are actually aircraft that fly the hope of the Gospel into outback communities in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Brian Sonneman from Chariots of Fire told Vision the suicides were occurring in the remote Indigenous community of Mulan in Western Australia…that was until Vision Radio went to air in the community alongside God TV.

So Lisa heard right. It was Brian Sonneman who shared with Vision radio’s 20Twenty host Neil Johnson, that there had been no suicides in the community since the Christian media came on.

This story impacted Vision’s listeners and those website readers alerted to the story, including Lisa.

“Boy, that was a very dramatic drop in suicide rates,” Lisa noted. “It was just amazing and it just goes to show the power of the Word of God. The Word just transformed lives.”

“I believe that’s what happened! I believe the Word got into those people and their lives were transformed!” Lisa exclaimed, before a few more flattering phrases lifting up Vision’s on going work across the nation.

“I just really love you guys. I pray for you all the time. I just praise God there’s a radio station that’s unashamed and I thank you for everything you do.”