LInda's Lingerie

Linda Jobson is the only person in Australia doing what she does - and she says it is a special gift from God. Linda’s Lingerie provides custom-made and fitted bras for women who can’t get comfortable in the mass-produced lingerie you find in shops. She says if  we are doing something we are passionate about, then that’s where God wants us to be.

Paul Morrison's Crazy Days

Paul Morrison is a musician, a breakfast radio host - and Chaplain for the West Coast Eagles footie team. Most people would stick to only one of these jobs. But Morrison, guided by his faith, approaches all his work calmly and thoughtfully.

An Aussie Surgeon in Africa

Australian surgeon Dr Neil Wetzig say the people of Congo are absolutely beautiful - and he and his wife Gwen have been called by God to work in the Democratic Republic of Congo - rated 187th out of 187 countries by the UN human development index. It's one of the most dangerous and volatile areas in the world. Find out more about this remarkable man's mission.

Protecting the unborn

Anti abortion campaigner Graham Preston is so passionate about saving the lives on Australia's unborn children that he's been willing to go to jail.  Six times.  Find out why he is so passionate about every child having the right to life.

From Crime to Christ

Justin Gardner grew up in one of Melburne's notorious crime families - but today he is the pastor of a church, a loving Dad and a successful author. Find out about how Christ took him on the journey of his life, 

Laughter from a Mother's tragedy

Comedian, writer and musician Hannah Boland loves performing - but her toughest job is as a Mum. And when she lost not one baby, but two, her faith was really put to the test.  She says she learnt a lot about grace during that time - about God’s grace toward her, and then the grace she needed to have towards herself as well.

The Word for Today

Bob Gass knew he was going to be a preacher when he was a young boy growing up in Northern Ireland. He probably never thought that his ministry would touch millions of lives across dozens of countries.

Escaping the scourge of Ice

Mathew Kratiuk, former ice addict and notorious stand-over man in a bikie gang, never dreamt that one day he would be on a radio station talking about Jesus.  But God had other plans...

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