Each day on Vision we hear amazing stories of what God is doing in people's lives. These are some of those stories.

Baptism - with crocodiles!

The mission Jerry Lackey started 25 years ago has become the largest non-government organisation in Botswana. And in its wake a trail of how God has wonderfully moved in that land.  This is the story of how God's hand was on Jerry and his family.

Healed from PTSD

Corporal Andrew Summers became a very tormented man when he returned from a spell of duty in the RAAF in Iraq and Afghanistan – he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. “Your anxiety levels go so high you can’t function. You don’t know how to do something simple like start a car.”

Fearless Evangelist - Champion Mum

Helen Devenish is a wife, mother, pastor, evangelist, and an accomplished artist!  She's also a street evangelist with a calling considered to be uncommon for a woman. And Helen’s a mother of no fewer than nine children. Helen says she wants to encourage people to share the Gospel, especially women.

A Journey from Grief to Joy

Nancy Guthrie and her husband David are no strangers to grief and sorrow having experienced the deaths of two of their three children from a rare genetic disorder. “We all have experiences of loss," she says, "whether it’s a person, a job, or a home or a position. Whatever it is we all lose in this life and we all struggle at times to make sense of those things.”

The Word for Today

Bob Gass knew he was going to be a preacher when he was a young boy growing up in Northern Ireland. He probably never thought that his ministry would touch millions of lives across dozens of countries.

A Fashion Designer Goes to Aftrica

Fashion designer Angela Fisher went on a short term missions trip to Africa after having seen the Watoto Children’s choir perform.   It was that experience that changed Angela’s life.  “I’m in fashion, I like having nice things around me, I like my hot showers, and yet there was nowhere I felt more comfortable than sitting on the ground in a slum with some kids.”

God Blessed Me In Jail

Allen Murray's life was turned upside down when an altercation ended up with him in jail. While he was there, he says he saw God’s Hand at work in a mighty way. He says God blessed him and showed him his undeniable power in jail. An encounter with a prison chaplain changed his life forever.

Escaping the scourge of Ice

Mathew Kratiuk, former ice addict and notorious stand-over man in a bikie gang, never dreamt that one day he would be on a radio station talking about Jesus.  But God had other plans...

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