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by Bob and Debby Gass

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‘He must manage his own family well…’ 1 Timothy 3:4 NIV

Balancing family and career calls for tough, unselfish choices. If you make the right ones you’ll look back with joy, not regret. John Ortberg writes: ‘A friend of mine is a professional musician. For many years he made his living on the road. He was becoming increasingly successful. Then three years ago he became a father. He was on the road about half the time. He realised that when his daughter was about a year old she hardly knew him. He knew he needed to make a change but it was frightening to him. What if his career slowed to a crawl? What if being home more actually made life harder? He took a job as the head of a music department at a university. He still performs, but he travels now only a fraction of the time. His relationship with his daughter has become a source of pride and joy in his life that he otherwise never would have known. He did have to let go of some of his old dreams, but he has since recorded a bestselling CD and been nominated for a Grammy. Most importantly, he realises his daughter will grow up a fundamentally different human being now, than she would have if she had grown up with a hole in her heart where her father was supposed to be. By the end of his life he will have a title that means much more to him than Rock Star. The title is "Dad!"’ The Bible says a leader ‘…must manage his own family well…’ (1 Timothy 3:4 NIV) And that doesn’t just apply to leaders, it applies to all of us!

SoulFood: 2 Chron 19-21, John 12:1-11, Ps 76, Pr 27:4-6

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