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‘…My entire lifetime is…but a breath.’ Psalm 39:5 NLT

Talking about a friend’s funeral, Bryan Wilkerson says: ‘The man…was a Christian – bright, hardworking, and dynamic. He helped start two hospitals…the local soccer association…travelled…sang in choirs around the world…a man of remarkable energy and ability…But nobody spoke of his spiritual influence. He introduced many to soccer but few…to Christ. The pastor could say nothing of his contribution…except he critiqued the sermon at the door on Sunday. His wife and children had few words; they got the short end of his attention and energy. Imagine what he could have accomplished by offering his time and talent to God. Compare that to another funeral I attended. This man was also…highly regarded in the secular community. But he was careful to number his days and resources and offer them to God. People didn’t speak about his success and influence in the marketplace, but of his spiritual impact…how he pointed them to Christ…his leadership and support of Christian ministries…his years of church service…his mission trips to Moldova. His family spoke of his love of Scripture…his love for them…his faithfulness as a husband and father. I remember…wishing the whole church could be there to see what God can do with somebody who offers…every day of their life to Him.’ So, how many people have you pointed to Christ? Where are you investing your time, treasure and talent? God’s gifts are never loans, they’re deposits and He expects a return. The only even thing in this world is the number of hours in a day. The difference between winning and losing is how you use them.

SoulFood: 1 Cor 1-3, Matt 1: 6b-11, Ps 113, Pr 31:14-17

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