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‘…You desire truth in the inner parts…’ Psalm 51:6 NIV
Lisa Whittle says, ‘Pornography…excessive shopping…[and] eating disorders develop in isolation… What we watch…think…how we spend our time are the ‘secret places’ Satan uses. It’s not that we don’t want to be honest…but fear of being discovered keeps us…[trapped]… If Satan can get us to…bury our secret[s]…we can’t be effective for God… our private sins will eat away at us, making us feel fraudulent and unworthy… The truth is we’re the ones who don’t love and accept ourselves, not God! ‘What is hidden He brings to light’ (Job 28:11 NKJV) because He’s ?after…truth from the inside out?.’ So, practise honesty. When you catch yourself telling a lie, stop, admit it and apologise. It’s embarrassing, but you’ll think twice next time! Develop a strong faith. Make authenticity a top priority. Strengthen your walk with God through daily prayer and Bible-reading. Consider your motivation. Make sure the improvements you’re working on in your life aren’t just to impress others. Appreciate your God-given attributes. Make a list, stop and look at it when you feel ‘less than’. Value your own judgment. Consider what you’ve already accomplished and the good decisions you’ve made in the past. Dr Edwin Locke says, ‘Think independently…be mindful of what’s suitable for you regardless of what the rest of the world says.’ Stop trying to be perfect or look super spiritual. Openness means living without pretence and giving others permission to be transparent. Remember, seemingly ‘together people’ have their not-so-together moments, and falling apart is sometimes how you get put back together. Live with a genuineness others will want to emulate. Honesty facilitates honesty. When you’re real, people can tell.

SoulFood: 1 Sam 20:30-23:29, Luke 24:25-35, Ps 60, Pr 22:7-11

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