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The Word for Today

by Bob and Debby Gass

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‘…And he who believes in […relies on] the Son has [now possesses] eternal life.’ John 3:36 AMP
It’s said that the wealthy English Baron Fitzgerald had only one child, a son. Early in his teens the boy’s mother died. Tragically, in his late teens the boy also died. In the meantime, Fitzgerald’s financial holdings greatly increased due to acquiring the artwork of Europe’s greatest masters. Before his death, Fitzgerald left explicit instructions that an auction be held at which his entire art collection would be sold. A big crowd of prospective buyers gathered. Among them were many well-known museum curators and private collectors eager to bid. The artwork was displayed for viewing before the auction began. Among the paintings was one that received little attention. It was of poor quality and by an unknown local artist. It happened to be a portrait of Fitzgerald’s only son. As the auction began the auctioneer read from Fitzgerald’s will, which clearly instructed that the first painting to be sold was of ‘my beloved son’. Because of its poor quality the painting didn’t receive any bids?except one. The bidder was the old servant who’d helped raise the boy and had dearly loved him. For less than a pound he bought the painting. At that point the auctioneer stopped the bidding and asked the lawyer to read again from the will. The crowd was hushed as he read, ‘Whoever purchases this painting of my son, gets all my art collection?the auction is over!’ Christ: without Him you have nothing. But with Him you have the best of both worlds: this one, and the one to come.

SoulFood: Ezek 43-45, Luke 21:12-24, Ps 78:32-39, Pr 20:20-21

The Word for Today

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