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The Word for Today

by Bob and Debby Gass

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Hey, here’s an idea… why not take your television out for a romantic walk down to the park. Yeah, then you could stroll down to the mall, just you and your 102cm widescreen walking hand in hand. You could treat her to some new batteries for her remote. Take her HD tuner out for something nice to eat. Cuddle up in the back row of the flicks, just you and your high definition, surround sound technological beauty. No, seriously, why not? Don’t you have to make time for the people you love? Er… one problem, a television isn’t a person. So why do you spend four hours a day staring lovingly into its eyes, and on the other hand, spend 15 minutes with your Mum? Why do you say you value your mates but then place more value on your iPod? Why do you say you love Jesus but never find time to talk to Him because you’re too busy spending time, money and energy on other things?
This might seem harsh but maybe this is ‘wake up’ time for you. Are you wasting too much time on gadgets and gizmos at the expense of people? Here’s an idea… unplug the Xbox, sign off Facebook, put down the ear phones and open your mouth. Go and see your Gran and have a good chat with her. Treat your mate to something unexpected. Go for a walk with a neighbour. Stop lazing and start loving.

The Word for Today

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