23, June 2010

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Take up your cross (2)

Monday morning, you’re about to leave for work/school/uni. Checklist: Bus fare; Check. Lunch money; Check. Four-metre bloodied, splintered cross; Check…. ‘er, say what?’ Yeah, what did You mean, Lord, when You said we’re to take up our cross daily? There’s no room in my bag for a 2000 year old form of the death penalty. So, what will my cross look like?
Well, your cross is made to measure. It’s custom built to your size. David was custom built to lead a nation, because he’d had years of practice leading sheep. What are you well practiced in? Your cross will fit your shoulders. What weight bears down on your shoulders? Do you feel the weight of someone’s hurt? Perhaps, you’re called to pray for that person. Do images of starving children bear down on your compassion? Perhaps, your cross is all about raising money for a related charity.
Your cross will look like you. The Bible says God ‘…has given each one of us a special gift…’ (Ephesians 4:7 NLT) So, you thought you were just a blabbermouth, God sees you with the ‘gift of the gab’. God will use your big mouth for big stuff. Or if you’re the opposite, you think you’re cursed with shyness. God sees you with the ‘present of peace’. God uses your calming effect on His world to bring about His peace.
So, do you still think that cross is too heavy to carry?

23, June 2010

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