25, June 2010

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You’re growing up spiritually when…

Ah, remember the good old days when if you wanted something from the supermarket all you had to do was scream annoyingly and painfully loudly until your Mum gave in. Or if that didn’t work, you still had the old ‘lying on the shop floor punching and kicking the air’ trick up your sleeve. Or failing that, a simple ‘I hate you!’ bawled from the top of your lungs practiced as a regular routine. Yeah, funny how those little temper tantrum tactics don’t go down so well when you’re out of the pram for good. The point is: you’re supposed to be growing up by now. Well, guess what?! It’s the same with our faith!
It’s no use throwing a hissy fit when your plans and God’s plans don’t match. It’s time to grow up! It does us no good going all goggle-eyed over the latest shiny toys when we know those toys will pull us away from God. No, it’s time to grow up! Screaming about this, whinging about that, kicking and punching our way through situations is not a sign of a mature Christian. It’s a sign we’re still in spiritual nappies. When Hebrews goes on about ‘Let us…go on to maturity’, it’s telling us to put down the dummy, get out of the pram and start living with a mature faith. In other words, stop being a baby and start being a grown up.

25, June 2010

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