19, June 2010

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Don’t be a Drifter

There’s nothing like the feeling of just lying back on an inflatable lilo as it bobs up and down on the gentle waves. Mmmm, the sun shining down, just close your eyes for a minute and reeeelax. Then AAAAH! You open your eyes and you’ve drifted out to sea on the tide! One minute you’re catching the rays, bobbing around the waves, and now you’re way out at sea fighting for your life! Maybe you think you’d never be stupid enough to do that but you could still be a drifter. If you’ve ever day-dreamed, drifted away in your thoughts when you should have been paying attention in class or in a meeting, or during the pastor’s talk on a Sunday, then listen up today.
Drifting can be a dangerous habit, because it makes you think everything is ok until it’s too late! Drift off in class and it’s no problem until you’re sitting with that exam paper in front of you and you don’t know the answers! Hebrews 2:1 says, ‘We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.’ God’s telling us that it’s important we pay attention to the truth about Him, otherwise we’ll drift away and believe lies. Paying careful attention is hard work! Every day pray: ‘Today God, help me live so close to You, that whoever comes into contact with me, comes into contact with You!’

19, June 2010

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