04, July 2013

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Hindrances to Prayer (2)

‘…You do not have, because you do not ask…’ James 4:2 NIV

Here are two more hindrances to answered prayer: (1) Failure to pray. There are hundreds of prayers for specific things mentioned in the Bible and many instances given where answers are provided. The Bible is chockfull of prayers – and answers. Our problem is, we spend a lot of time talking about prayer and fail to get down to the business of praying. Elizabeth George said, ‘Prayer… releases the energies of God.’ The goal of prayer is not to overcome God’s reluctance, but to believe Him and take hold of His willingness. His Word says: ‘You do not have, because you do not ask.’ AE McAdam wrote: ‘No praying man or woman accomplishes so much with so little expenditure of time, as when he or she is praying.’ Until you learn to pray in faith and wait on God for the answer, you’ll get nowhere. (2) Failure to care. When the Israelites complained that God wasn’t answering their prayers He told them, ‘Stop oppressing those who work for you and treat them fairly…share your food with the hungry…Clothe those who are cold and don’t hide from [those] who need your help. If you do these things…the Lord will answer.’ (Isaiah 58:6-9 TLB) Sin and unbelief are not the only things that hinder your prayers; self-centered living will! A little girl prayed for several weeks asking God for a certain thing. Finally in frustration she said, ‘By the way, Lord, I’ve mentioned this to You several times before.’ If that’s your situation, stop thinking about your own needs and focus on the needs of others.

SoulFood: 1 Sam 16-17, Luke 4:31-44, Ps 102:1-11, Pr 17:4-6

The Word for Today is authored by Bob and Debby Gass and published under licence from UCB International Copyright 2013

04, July 2013

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