The Word for Today

by Bob and Debby Gass

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‘…Encourage and help each other…’ 1 Thessalonians 5:11 CEV

Micca Monda Campbell writes: ‘Have you ever secretly compared your spouse to another man or woman…or wished they were more thoughtful…more spiritual…a better dresser? If you have, let me reassure you the grass isn’t greener on the other side. That man doesn’t clip his toenails either…and that woman doesn’t rub her husband’s feet while feeding him grapes! Our spouses are the people we fell in love with, and often they just need a little encouragement. Instead of comparing and complaining…nurture your mate in the areas they need it most…I heard about a good-looking millionaire who married a plain-looking woman. It was the talk of the town. Why did he marry her? She’s not up to his standard. It won’t last! When they came back from an extended honeymoon, it looked like the millionaire was with another woman…one glowing with confidence and poise. Now that’s the kind of wife he deserves, declared the town loud-mouth. Then she noticed something interesting: it was the same woman – completely transformed! Her new husband had taken her away, encouraged her…and built up her self-confidence till she started to see in herself what he’d always seen. So instead of walking around on your neighbour’s grass, fertilise your own by looking for the good in your spouse. Speak encouraging words…acknowledge their efforts to improve…become their cheerleader. The Bible says, "Love…protects…trusts…hopes…perseveres." (1 Corinthians 13:4;7 NIV) Instead of making comparisons, ask God to help you see your partner like you once did.’


SoulFood: Jas 1-2, Mt 9:1-13, Ps 91, Prov 3:3-4

The Word for Today is authored by Bob and Debby Gass and published under licence from UCB International Copyright 2014

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