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The roller-coaster ride of life (3)

CS Lewis (the author of The Chronicles of Narnia) also wrote a book imagining what it’s like to be a devil who wants to stop a Christian loving God. In The Screwtape Letters, he writes this: ‘Do not be deceived, Wormwood. Our cause is never in greater danger than when a human, no longer desiring, …Read More

The roller-coaster ride of life (2)

Life often seems to be up one minute, down the next. The Bible gives us some brilliant examples. Elijah rode life’s rollercoaster: one minute he was scaling the heights of God’s almighty victories, the next he was hurtling to an all time emotional low where he wanted his life to be over. Jesus felt the …Read More

The roller-coaster ride of life (1)

So, if you were God, what would you do? Snap your fingers and wham! Those pimples would be gone forever. Clap your hands, and hey presto! A six-pack stomach in place of that flabby mid-riff. Blink your eyes, and that miserable drizzly weather changes to perfect sunshine. Well, guess what? Check your birth certificate or …Read More

The right stuff

Stuff. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Some stuff is nice and shiny and costs a bit of that papery stuff. Some stuff is small and compact and makes clever bleeping noises. Some stuff is old, very old, and that’s what makes it collectable. Some stuff we might love. Some stuff other people might …Read More

Tough love (2)

Yesterday, we looked at the most incredible words of forgiveness: ‘Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ But what if they did know what they were doing to you? What if they weren’t even sorry? Are you still supposed to forgive even then? And if you do, does that mean you’re …Read More

Tough love (1)

Some things are harder to forgive than others. Some people are harder to forgive than others. Sometimes the things we go through are not what God wants for us. God knows the pain you feel and has seen the tears you’ve cried for yourself. God is for you, not against you. So does God want …Read More

You’re growing up spiritually when…

Ah, remember the good old days when if you wanted something from the supermarket all you had to do was scream annoyingly and painfully loudly until your Mum gave in. Or if that didn’t work, you still had the old ‘lying on the shop floor punching and kicking the air’ trick up your sleeve. Or …Read More

Frequent encounters with God!

Whether it’s an overweight, out-of-touch grandad with a beard to rival Father Christmas’ or a super-tolerant hippy waving peace signs with his fingers from the sky, chances are your picture of God is wrong. The Bible isn’t one of those kiss-‘n-tell biographies where the middle of the book is peppered with glossy pics of God. …Read More

Take up your cross (2)

Monday morning, you’re about to leave for work/school/uni. Checklist: Bus fare; Check. Lunch money; Check. Four-metre bloodied, splintered cross; Check…. ‘er, say what?’ Yeah, what did You mean, Lord, when You said we’re to take up our cross daily? There’s no room in my bag for a 2000 year old form of the death penalty. …Read More

Take up your cross (1)

‘Let him…take up his cross daily…’ (Luke 9:23 NKJ) ‘The load I give you to carry is light’. (Matthew 11:30 NCV) Both sentences passed through the mouth of Jesus. But isn’t He contradicting Himself? I mean, ‘cross-carrying’ is back-breaking work, isn’t it? Unless You’re about to give us a polystyrene cross, surely the load You …Read More

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