75 Days into the Ukraine Conflict

While Russia’s indiscriminate bombardment continues in Ukraine, Christian Ministries are doing all they can to care for the Ukrainian people.

Home Loans and Rate Hike Pain: “It Will Rise For Some Time”

While many Australians are likely to experience the effects of rising interest rates, many will profit. Those with investment accounts and those saving for a down payment on their first property are included.

Celebrating National Families Week

Our neighbourhoods are built on the strength of our families, and having a mother and father who are actively involved in their children’s lives is supported by both secular and Christian research.

Political Agenda Update – ACL

With the country focused on the upcoming federal election, the ACL has been highlighting MP’s who crossed the floor on the Religious Discrimination Bill. ACL wants people to vote for individuals, not party lines. 

How Gender Issues are Impacting the Election

What is the definition of a woman? The answer to this question is the subject of widespread debate, and is shaping up to be a significant issue in the upcoming Federal Election.

Today's Word For Today reading

Think Right, Live Right

‘Your life is shaped by your thoughts.’ Proverbs 4:23 GNT

William James said, ‘You’re not what you think you are, but what you think—you are.’ Lasting change always begins with new thinking.

How do you become a Christian? By repenting of your sin and placing your trust in Christ. The Greek word for repentance is metanoia, and it means to change your mind. We’re not changed by willpower, but by the transforming power of God’s Word when we use it to renew our minds each day. The Bible clearly teaches that the way we think determines the way we feel, and the way we feel determines the way we act. So if you want to change your actions, you have to return to the source and change the way you think.

At times you may act resentful. Why? Because you feel resentful. And do you know why you feel resentful? Because you are thinking resentful thoughts. The same is true of anger, worry, lust, and other destructive thought patterns. Jesus said, ‘You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’ (John 8:32 NLT)

When you base your life on truth—when you live with the right kind of thoughts, not misconceptions or false beliefs, and you base your life on thinking from God’s Word—you will be set free. You will find your old habits, feelings, and actions beginning to fall away. When you focus solely on removing bad thoughts, you create a vacuum into which the bad thoughts can return. But when you replace bad thoughts with good ones—Scriptural ones—you are empowered by God to live the life of blessing He wants you to enjoy.

SoulFood: Num 32:25–33:56, Matt 10:11–20, Ps 72:1–11, Pro 11:19–21

The Word for Today is authored by Bob and Debby Gass and published under licence from UCB International Copyright © 2022

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