Good News in a Pandemic of Failed Plans

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Author: Tania Harris

What plans have you had cancelled due to the coronavirus? My plans for the next four months have been completely wiped out.

That includes a best friend’s wedding, my PhD graduation, a beach holiday, two European ministry trips, three conferences and a visit from an overseas friend. I feel sad just writing about it. We’re all suffering from a pandemic of cancelled plans.

I was chatting with a friend last week about what God is doing in the midst of it all. We had both heard God speak about his plan for our lives in 2020. At the time, his promises were so exciting and full of hope. Our question was, what happens now? What happens to the promises of God in the midst of a pandemic? Does God go into lock-down too?

The truth is, God doesn’t stop – even in the midst of a pandemic! Scripture tells us that in all things God is still working to bring about his good purposes with those who love him.

That means that with God, when Plan A fails, he has a Plan B. And when Plan B fails, he has a Plan C. And the uncanny truth is, that Plan B or Plan C often ends up looking better than Plan A. Don’t ask me how he does it, but that’s what sovereignty means! You may have lost your Plan A, but God is still working for good. Instead of putting faith in your plan, put faith in the God who is above all plans. Trust in the one who is still working in a coronavirus crisis. He never stops working!

Article supplied with thanks to God Conversations.

About the Author: Tania Harris is a pastor, speaker, author and the founder of God Conversations.

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