We Are Messengers – God’s Lesson During Covid

We are Messengers
Darren (second from left) with his We Are Messengers bandmates.

Rhema 99.7 spoke with Darren Mulligan about what life is looking like for him at the moment!

How is life different for We Are Messengers at this point in time?

It’s so strange. We were making so many plans, getting ready to come down under and then this came out of the blue. Initially I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I started doing DIY projects. Then all our tours started getting cancelled and then I started to worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow. How are we going to take care of all of our team and the people that reply on us? Honestly, God has been really kind through all of it. We found ourselves really peaceful and really trusting that something beautiful is going to come out of all this. God turns all this stuff to good and why should this be any different? I think God is going to reveal Himself to be really, really kind and good. And maybe He’s going to remind us of what really matters, it’s not about success. It’s how we love each other and how we love Him.

What is the heart behind your new song ‘Never Stop Singing’?

Like I said, we’re not the kind of band that writes Sunday morning songs but this one that I couldn’t avoid. It just kept coming to me the whole time. So, when I think of Heaven, I think of people just around the throne of God singing holy, holy, holy. I never mentioned the word Jesus in the song, typically, because I never think that I have a song that it worthy of having Him in it. But this song is different, dude. It just felt like it needed to be sung with people in a congregation. It’s become a bit of an anthem in our house…

I want my kids to be people who continue to sing songs to the Father even when it hurts, even when life is a mess. Even when you’re worries or anxious, that’s not going to stop us. We’re going to keep going no matter what.

Article supplied by Rhema 99.7

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