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Land, Bread and Wine

All God’s instructions to His people are based in and around the land He promised us. So it’s very hard to understand the Bible without some knowledge of Israel itself. In these turbulent times, it may now be more important than ever to get to know the promised land, which, now it’s back in the …Read More

The Trees of Ne’ot Kedumim

Half way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Ne’ot Kedumim is a unique recreation of the physical setting of the Bible. Much more than just a nature reserve, it presents the landscapes that shaped the values of the Bible, and provided a rich vocabulary for expressing those values. At Ne’ot Kedumim, you can see for yourself …Read More

Some of the higlights from our recent Israel tour…

Vision Christian Tours added 38 new photos from September 16, 2016.

Another wonderful day in the galilee as part of our 4th day of our wonderful tour. After breakfast we headed to the mount of beatitudes
on the hill overlooking the galilee where our Guide Stan and Mandy shared about what it means to be a disciple walking in the dust of
Our Rabi when we read Sermon I the mount.

Then a short ride to the primacy of Peter , where Jesus asks Peter 3 times " do you love me" and where peter was commissioned as the leader of the 12. Then a wonderful experience as we saw the 2000 year old remains of a first century fishing boat and then we spent an hour of worship and reflection on the water on a boat and we read the account of Jesus walking on the water and his encounter with Peter .
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Hazel KingDay 4 by the Sea of Galilee.

4 months ago

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Vision Christian Tours added 30 new photos from September 15, 2016.

Our third day in the land we woke to a beautiful sunrise over Tel Aviv and after a scrumptious breakfast traveled north to the ancient roman seaport ( and once a spiral of Judea) Caesarea Maratima by the sea , to see the dream and visionary construction of Herod the great , and it's rise and fall over many conquering cultures and the place of biblical significance in that pas only the first recorded gentile convert too place here with Cornelius the Roman centurion becoming converted with St Peter as we read in Acts 10 and from here the gospel would have traveled to the known world and also the record of Paul the apostle speaking to Festus and appealing to Caesar and taken from here to Rome. today, a major archeological site with amazing theatre, hippodrome and remains of Herods waterfront castle .

We had a group photo of the aqua duct constructed to bring water from Mt Carmel 22 Kim's away to the seaside city.

Then proceeded up to the top of Mount Carmel where Elijah challenged the false prophets of Baal with a showdown , calling fire down from heaven. As we read the story in Kings 18.

Then after enjoying the view of the valley of Jezreel Also more ominously known as Armageddon we make our way to the ancient 6,000 year walled city of
Megido with over 20 layers of civilization dating back to the Canaanites and Egyptians and then Joshua Conquored the city and David and solomon and king Ahab who dug an incredible tunnel to source water during times of siege .
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Vision Christian Tours added 12 new photos — with Ian Worby.

Did I tell you our hotel is right on the beach in beautiful Tel Aviv?

We always stay here as the view is amazing , the rooms very nice and comfy and the range of food is incredible.

So I I could not resist it any more, I had to go for a swim in the clear warm Mediterranean.

Then see how the local Israelis enjoy the beach life, and some even look like they are training to walk on water ( on the sand bar between the lagoons)

The waves were crashing on the break-wall and then after testing the indoor pool we watch a nice sun set to finish our first day,
Before our dinner and bed ... Cause tomorrow is going to be another wonderful adventure as we head north to Caesarea.
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