Australians Commemorate 100 Years Since Battle for Semakh

100 year Battle for Semakh ceremony

Tuesday the 25th of September 2018 marked the 100 years anniversary of the last major World War 1 battle that took place in Galilee, the Battle for Semakh.

This battle is an important part of Australian history in our remembrance of the ANZACs as the Battle involved the 11th and part of the 12th Australian Light Horse Regiments.  They were given the task of capturing this village at the railway intersection of Semakh, which was heavily defended by German guns and German and Turkish troops.

Vision Christian Tours is currently in Israel with 78 Australian pilgrims visiting the Biblical sites of the Holy Land.  This week the tour group participated in a special commemorative event honouring the sacrifices made by Australian troops.

Video and photo highlights from the ceremony

Yilgal Selah, Head of Zionist Federation of Australia in Israel, reflected on how the Israelis of today are thankful and grateful to their brothers in Australia.

Addressing the Vision Christian Tours pilgrims he continued, “As an Israeli, I want to thank you for your support to us and your endeavours over the years. Your conviction, your support, your love gives us great strength in times of trouble and adversity, and huge pride in times of joy.  You should know that all Israelis really appreciate the country of Australia, it’s governments whether they be Labour or Liberal and it’s people.”

Indigenous representative Kerry Johnson gave a short performance of the traditional Wiradjuri dance to honour the sacrifices of the troops.

Merita Mannings gave an acoustic rendition of the Semakh song as a tribute to those brave and gallant soldiers.

Stan Goodenough, who is a Vision Christian Tours guide, shared about the Biblical significance of the Battle and Israel.

In the below video, Phil Edwards, Vision Christian Media CEO, shares the history of this event and why it is so significant.

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