Beersheba and Beyond - Deb Gadd's Israel Experience

Debb and Robert Gadd

"I left half my heart in Israel"


That’s the way Deb Gadd described the effect of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. ‘It took me totally by surprise. I didn’t expect to have that reaction. It was the Holy Spirit—I can’t explain it any other way. The land just captured my heart.’

Deb and her husband Robert had been once before with Vision Christian Tours but wanted to experience the centenary celebrations of the Anzac Charge at Beersheba. ‘It was such an honour to be there and so lovely to be with a group of Christians—people of like mind. I’ve been so privileged to go to the other side of the world and forge friendships that have continued even back here, home in Australia.’

Debb Gadd in Israel

It was hard to choose a highlight of the most recent tour but Deb’s pick was worshipping on the Galilee. ‘It was totally overwhelming, just looking back over the lake and seeing the landscape Jesus Himself knew and loved and walked across.’ A close second was welcoming Shabbat at the Western Wall. ‘Seeing all the people at prayer, the rabbis in their shawls, the high fur hats, the children—it was a moving time.’

This year Vision Christian Tours will be celebrating ‘The Great Ride’ of the Anzacs 100 years ago as they moved on past Jerusalem to engage in the Battle of Samakh before going on to conquer Damascus. Express your interest today.

Debb Gadd in Israel
Debb Gadd in Israel
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