Why come to Israel with us?

When you visit Israel with us your Bible will come to life in new and very exciting ways!

We not only visit the most historically accurate and Biblically relevant sites but Ian and Mandy, along with our expert guides, take time to explain the layers of Biblical history that took place right there! It's about connecting faith to life - connecting you to the historical and present reality of the Scriptures.

The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee

Every place we visit is a place of Biblical significance, and we run our tours at the right pace so you not only learn the history but experience it, too. For example we visit the Garden of Gethsemane and walk amongst the olive trees that are old enough to have witnessed Jesus prayer and betrayal. We also hire a private garden where we can take communion together and spend time alone in prayer.

We visit the place on the shores of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus preached the Beatitudes during His famous sermon and we take time to read them aloud, too. When we visit the Wailing Wall, we join our Jewish brothers and sisters there and pray for Australia.

Our emphasis is on people, not places, and that means there’s enough time to encourage and get to know each other, too.

We have been organising successful tours to Israel for many years, in conjunction with our partners, Olive Tree Travel, who have been specialising in faith-based tours and pilgrimages for nearly two decades. Olive Tree Travel is a a fully accredited member of the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS) and the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA).  This combination of a competent and experienced travel agent together with Vision's emphasis on the impact a visit to the Holy Land can have on a person's faith makes for a unique and life-changing time.

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