We received an enormous blessing and are continuing to receive

“We’re home now, however we’re almost still in Israel! This is quite extraordinary. Every day, from morning to night, we find ourselves talking about God and virtually every part of the journey in the Holy Land and the people we travelled with. We received an enormous blessing and are continuing to receive.” 

A Vision Tours group visiting the Garden Tomb

“Seeing with my own eyes all those Biblical places was impacting enough in itself, but I remember what our Canadian guide set in the Garden Tomb – it’s not so much the where, but the WHO and the WHY! So I am in awe that our God and Creator in covenant with Israel, in spite of so much against it, still through Jewish history brought His plan of redemption to completion.”

“Looking over Jerusalem, feeling in a small measure what Jesus felt when He wept over the city, had a great impact on me. He knew what lay ahead for His nation and her people. It’s given me a greater ability to identify with God’s heart.”

“Amazing itinerary. How could I not be in awe and so grateful for being in the Word daily in the living land that Jesus once walked and lived in. You have inspired and supported us 110% through this journey. We are strengthened to keeping on with the work and plan that God has set out for us. God’s love is amazing!

It was a privilege to come and experience the tour and will endeavour to keep Israel in my prayers and to tell others of God’s hand on the land.


The amazing amount we managed to see and do is a testament to Vision Christian Media

Jerusalem and tour group“It was an amazing experience to discover God’s country and a real eye-opener to see the land that is spoken of in the Bible. The amazing amount we managed to see and do is a testament to Vision Christian Media and our guides. Every trip overseas is special, but visiting Israel was literally life-changing. I have already been praying that God will allow me to return one day.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the way you cared and shared. We were so blessed to have been in the Vision Tour. Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for making my trip of a lifetime everything and more than I could possibly have hoped for.”

“The Holy Land is a special place! A privilege to visit. The enthusiasm of Mandy, Ian and Yuval [guide] enhanced the experience. I was impacted by the way that Jesus’ life and ministry was put into context.”

“Just being in Israel felt right and I now have pictures in my head to go with the things I read in the Bible.”

“It made my Bible REAL – and in this way has forever changed my life. The sense of ‘it happened then’ just as the Bible says, so it will happen in the future, just as the Bible says.

Life Changing – My Bible has not been the same since

“I thank God for you all and the wonderful time we had together in Israel. It was life-changing for me as I have not done anything like this before… what an incredible time it was. My Bible has not been the same since. It’s like I am reading a history book and a personal journal diary. It has come alive even more than ever before.”

“The Israel Tour was a life-changing experience for me. It made it make more sense to me when I’m reading my Bible, along with where the event took place. It really encouraged me to read the Bible and hunger to know more and learn more about the nation of Israel.”

Baptisms in the Jordan

Baptisms in the Jordan

“Israel was a wonderful and spirit-filled experience for us. The events of Jesus’ life came alive here in Israel. The highlight of our visit was our baptism in the Jordan River and the visit to the site where Jesus was baptised. Just to touch that water was a blessing to us.”

“Through the Vision tour of Israel you made my dream come true. Since I started reading the Bible, my wish was always to see, touch and walk the Bible lands – and Vision made it possible, stress-free. When I read, the scriptures become alive and clear – and seeing the city of Jerusalem before Yeshua’s second coming with His glory made a great impact on me.”

“I have found an improved ability to relate to the Bible, particularly to the Old Testament. This was somewhat unexpected as I had thought that this outcome would have applied mainly to the New Testament.

Wonderful lifetime memory

“What a wonderful lifetime memory I have of my journey with you to Israel – such rich treasures in my heart.”

“The whole trip was a wonderful experience for us. It was well organised and pulled together. Weren’t we blessed to get to travel with such a great group of people who all got on so well together!”

“It was a truly amazing tour, the whole group connected so well, great humour and at times I felt very much at home. You did a wonderful job of looking after us all and I so enjoyed the times I got to talk scripture with you whenever I could grab the opportunity and time permitted for you. I would love to do the tour again in a year or two.”

“Visiting Israel was the trip of our lifetime… it was an amazing experience to discover God’s country, the Holy Land where the events of the Bible took place, to walk in the places Jesus walked and pray in places where he preached and healed the sick and performed miracles.”

Olive Trees - Gethsemane“Being in the Garden of Gethsemane was so emotional, and those old olive trees with new shoots allows me to realise that God can use us even as we get older. Having communion in the Garden Tomb, the presence of God was all encompassing. It has been my dream to go to Israel since I was a little girl and at the age of 63 I went. I want to go again – I love Israel and its people.”

The Scriptures have come alive for us!

“Thank you so much for such a rewarding, unforgettable and transformational experience in the Holy Land. The Scriptures have come alive for us…”

The western wall“I would like to thank Ian and Mandy for organising and leading this tour and for all the work they put in beforehand, and whilst on the tour and then after the trip was over as well. The Bible certainly did come alive and is even more real to me and the living, loving God of the Bible and his son Jesus are even more amazing and awesome! Hannah’s [the guide] knowledge of the Bible and the history of the land was exceptional. She did an amazing job – even when some of us tested her and yourselves by getting lost in Jerusalem!”

“To see, feel and touch the things I’ve read and learned about these past 44 years come to life before me was truly amazing. I sensed the presence of God in a powerful way. It was so easy to walk in His presence.”

On the Sea of Galilee“For me, sailing on the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus calmed the storm, and to be on the same body of water He walked on was a wonderful experience and very emotional for me. It just made everything I’ve read in the gospels so much more real.”

“The tour gave me a deeper understanding of God’s Word – the places our Lord walked can now be visualised. I found the whole experience to be amazing. I did not know what to expect, but was thrilled – it was like being involved in a two-week Bible study!”

Lifetime Memory

“What a wonderful lifetime memory I have of my journey to Israel—such rich treasures in my heart. Thank you both so much for your care and all your support. I am really looking forward to setting up my photo album and reliving the special places where Jesus lived and taught and where He will return. My Bible reading has taken on a new dimension.”


The 7 Churches

“The country of Turkey is a truly amazing follow up after Israel. It is giving me an even greater appreciation, hunger to know more and awareness of history and culture. The Asia Minor side is so fascinating—to be in the area of the ‘7 churches of Revelation’ is truly awesome. Would love to return and do more thorough Biblical tour. It really has been an incredible pilgrimage.”



“How blest we were, and what an amazing lot of Biblical sights we enjoyed. The company was most enjoyable, the food was delicious, the accommodation was very comfortable, and both of you were The Best Hosts. Thank you.”


Adventure in Israel

“When I came out of Hezekiah’s Tunnel, I felt like Indiana Jones emerging in a 67 year old body! We loved the challenge & the history. We read our Bibles now & say: ‘Wow, we went to that place that Jesus is talking about.’ Although we didn’t get to Beersheva due to security, the Mt. Scopus cemetery more than made up for that. Fantastic place for Aussie history — yet so many have no idea of its importance.”

Geoff & Sue

Unexpected Miracle

“I’ve had eczema for my 64 years, yet after Israel, I’ve been totally free. Wow!!! I felt so wonderful. My sister kept saying, ‘What have you done?’ Was it kosher eating or swimming in the Dead Sea? I do not know. Swimming in the normal sea always helped it a bit. In the photos I see one of me doing what I used to do in the ocean, scooping the water over my ears, that used to burn, itch, weep & flake. I’m loving it! Praise God, who is the same yesterday today & forever.”


A Vision Tour Group in Jerusalem
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