Life Changing – My Bible has not been the same since

“I thank God for you all and the wonderful time we had together in Israel. It was life-changing for me as I have not done anything like this before… what an incredible time it was. My Bible has not been the same since. It’s like I am reading a history book and a personal journal diary. It has come alive even more than ever before.”

“The Israel Tour was a life-changing experience for me. It made it make more sense to me when I’m reading my Bible, along with where the event took place. It really encouraged me to read the Bible and hunger to know more and learn more about the nation of Israel.”

Baptisms in the Jordan

Baptisms in the Jordan

“Israel was a wonderful and spirit-filled experience for us. The events of Jesus’ life came alive here in Israel. The highlight of our visit was our baptism in the Jordan River and the visit to the site where Jesus was baptised. Just to touch that water was a blessing to us.”

“Through the Vision tour of Israel you made my dream come true. Since I started reading the Bible, my wish was always to see, touch and walk the Bible lands – and Vision made it possible, stress-free. When I read, the scriptures become alive and clear – and seeing the city of Jerusalem before Yeshua’s second coming with His glory made a great impact on me.”

“I have found an improved ability to relate to the Bible, particularly to the Old Testament. This was somewhat unexpected as I had thought that this outcome would have applied mainly to the New Testament.

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