We received an enormous blessing and are continuing to receive

“We’re home now, however we’re almost still in Israel! This is quite extraordinary. Every day, from morning to night, we find ourselves talking about God and virtually every part of the journey in the Holy Land and the people we travelled with. We received an enormous blessing and are continuing to receive.” 

A Vision Tours group visiting the Garden Tomb

“Seeing with my own eyes all those Biblical places was impacting enough in itself, but I remember what our Canadian guide set in the Garden Tomb – it’s not so much the where, but the WHO and the WHY! So I am in awe that our God and Creator in covenant with Israel, in spite of so much against it, still through Jewish history brought His plan of redemption to completion.”

“Looking over Jerusalem, feeling in a small measure what Jesus felt when He wept over the city, had a great impact on me. He knew what lay ahead for His nation and her people. It’s given me a greater ability to identify with God’s heart.”

“Amazing itinerary. How could I not be in awe and so grateful for being in the Word daily in the living land that Jesus once walked and lived in. You have inspired and supported us 110% through this journey. We are strengthened to keeping on with the work and plan that God has set out for us. God’s love is amazing!

It was a privilege to come and experience the tour and will endeavour to keep Israel in my prayers and to tell others of God’s hand on the land.


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