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Cross Country Christian Charity Ride

by | Thu, Oct 20 2022

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A huge crowd turned out for the finish of a marathon charity ride from Perth to Newcastle on Wednesday afternoon (October 19).

Participants in the Ride For Compassion cycled 4,200 kilometres to raise funds for children living in poverty.

They averaged around 150 kilometres per day, often on roads full of potholes.

On reaching Newcastle’s Bar Beach they dipped their wheels in the Pacific Ocean and attended a ceremony to mark their achievement.

Each cyclist undertook extensive training before the event and paid for all their own on-the-road costs as did their support crews.

The month-long adventure was organised by Christian charity Compassion Australia.

This year’s target was one million dollars.

On Thursday (October 20) the total stood at more than $910,000, with donations still being accepted.

The money will help vulnerable children around the world including 150 sponsored through Compassion Australia.