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Vision helps Life FM set up in Rarotonga

by | Sat, Jan 30 2016

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AirNZ flight to Rarotonga

AirNZ flight to Rarotonga

We travelled to Rarotonga – the Cook Islands  – to conduct test broadcasts for a new Christian station in the island nation’s capital.

The airport is right on the beach with majestic rugged razor back mountains in the background, but it is a beautiful island.

On our second day we went to Church where I shared the Radio Rhema / UCB story from NZ and how we started in Australia with Vision Radio Network and how we use our tithe to start and support independent autonomous UCB Christian radio ministries across Asia and the Pacific.

On the third day we organized our gear, purchased some galvanized pipes and fittings to erect a makeshift radio mast to conduct our Test broadcast here in the island nation’s capital on 90.3 FM

Roly Runciman and Steve Monro working on the Antenna

Roly Runciman and Steve Monro working on the Antenna

Our fourth day in Raratonga saw the fruits of our plans and labours come together – it was a long and hot day making some adjustments to the radio antenna after we had a few mysterious faults. The locals organized a cherry picker to help reach the antenna and redo the cabling.  Life FM 90.3 now on the air nice and clear and we saw a new Christian radio service cough to life after we did all the assembly of the gear and finally got a makeshift 10 Meter radio mast up in the air.

The local pastor and ministry team were very happy with big grins and smiles on their faces as they hear their New Life FM station for the first time

Our fifth day was another full day here in Raratonga the main island of the Cook Islands.

This morning we were privileged to speak to all the students at the Theological college about the importance of media in forming a world view and how Christian media can be used as a powerful aid to those teaching and proclaiming the gospel.

Then UCB’s Steve Monro does some very creative work on the various recordings of locals doing the station ids and station imaging: The local team were thrilled to hear their voices with the production beds and music stingers making them all sound like seasoned professional radio personalities.

I also was very excited to meet with the Clerk of the Cook Island Parliament and a senior pastor of New Hope Church Pastor John Tangi. He is also the Cook island representative for Christians for Israel.

The to finish off the day we were treated to dinner and local music at a popular local restaurant where all the locals dress in their colorful local dress and the women where flowers in their hair and they all sing and enjoy each other’s company and laugh together .

Rarotonga street

Rarotonga street