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PM Scott Morrison Praying for Australia at Hillsong Conference

by | Wed, Jul 10 2019

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been very open about his Christian faith, saying he has “always believed in miracles” during his acceptance speech after the election and recently praying at the opening of Parliament.

This week the 2019 Hillsong Conference is being held in Sydney and it was great to see our Prime Minister join Pastor Brian Houston on stage to pray for Australia.

While this was the first time Scott had been on stage during Hillsong’s Conference, he has been a regular attender of the events over the years.

“Our nation needs more prayer!” Scott told the 21,000 delegates. “That’s what we all need. That’s what our country needs. That’s what our nation needs. That’s what we’re here to do as Christians. Not here to judge. Not here to lecture. Just here to show the amazing love of God.”

Scroll up to watch the full video of Scott Morrison praying.

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