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Who are Vision Christian Prayer

One definition of broadcast is ‘to scatter widely’. It refers to sowing seeds.

Often we talk about the seed of the Gospel being planted in people’s lives. But what happens after that?

Vision Christian Prayer is part of Vision Christian Media’s answer to the need to care for the germinating seeds. Vision Christian Prayer is made up of ‘real people’ in a dedicated prayer network team who are passionate about helping others and bringing their requests and needs before the Creator God of the Bible.

Vision Christian Prayer offers free, confidential prayer, effectively ministering across all age, race, social and cultural barriers. It is also an important ministry for the hurting and needy of our nation, offering them hope and encouragement.

How does Vision Christian Prayer work?

Life is difficult at times and we all need prayer.

Vision Christian Prayer provides a toll-free telephone service and an internet portal for requesting prayer. You can also send your request by email, SMS or through Facebook.

The phone service runs from
Monday to Friday : 9am–7pm (AEST)

Outside of these hours, you can leave your prayer request here.

The calls are answered by a great team of volunteers who have a heart for God and a willingness to support you in prayer.

At Vision Christian Prayer, we won’t counsel or try to give you advice. We are here to pray with you and for you as together we ask God for His help. We also would like to join with you and say thanks for how He has met you in your place of need.

Where We Began

Vision Christian Prayer started in 2004 when a Brisbane pastor, Russell Barton, was dropping his son off at kindergarten.

He saw a note taped to the front door. One of the young mums had had a massive heart attack in her kitchen while making sandwiches, and her kids had spent the day until Dad came home trying to wake her up.

Russ was devastated. What could he do to really help during such a time of emotional turmoil?

Along with his wife, Jenny, they began the PrayForMe ministry, with a website and postcards. It was designed as a non-threatening ‘connection point’ between people who didn’t attend church and people who were willing to pray for them.

Only a year later, Russ and Jenny felt called to Uganda to work with vulnerable and war-displaced children, and they passed the baton to Vision.

In July 2015, PrayForMe became Vision Christian Prayer. The ministry receives hundreds of phone calls, texts, emails and letters every week, asking for prayer.

We recognise that people going through a need or crisis in their life often want to initiate some form of contact with God. Vision Christian Prayer provides a non-threatening opportunity for this.

We also understand the importance and relevance of prayer, and we believe that, as we petition God, He is able and willing to perform miracles on our behalf.

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results.’  (James 5:16 NLT)